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Which industry creates 200,000 new entrepreneurs weekly?

While employment benefits continue to dwindle & wages continue to shrink relative to inflation, people in one industry have seen earnings growth nearly double the rate of inflation four of the last five years. And while many industries struggle to with adapt to changing demographics and lifestyles in the workforce, the only limits on the personal & financial freedom of workers in one industry are those of imagination ~ their own.

The industry showed a five percent growth in personnel and a more than three percent growth in profits/earning in 2013. What industry? Network marketing. I know everybody has a perception about the industry, which is why I took the time to lay a bit of a foundation. Network marketing is not only among the fastest growing industries of the 21st century, it opens the door to entrepreneurship, and therefore the possibility for financial autonomy to people across all educational and income levels.

I’ve been involved in network marketing for more than three decades and I’d like you to consider a couple things. Yes, I am an active marketer; no, I’m not going to discuss my company or product here. I simply want for you what I believe most all of us want for ourselves ~ the money and freedom to live the life of your dreams. And I know that becoming a marketing entrepreneur is perhaps the fastest way to accomplish that goal. At least the fastest way I know and I was once a practicing attorney.

MYTH: All direct marketing companies are pyramid schemes and only the people who get in at the beginning ever make any money.

FACT: Network marketing is one of the few industries where reward is directly commiserate with effort. The limits on your earnings are established solely by your efforts not capped by an arbitrary going rate for your job title/description.

Three things to look for when considering a network marketing company

  • Strength ~ look for a company with experienced management, a solid financial position and 3-5 years operating history.
  • Product viability ~ look for products (goods/services) that’s lots of people want but few have. Products what are consumable and fill a need like nutrition and personal care fall into this category.
  • Earnings ~ look for a compensation plan that is easy to understand and properly rewards your efforts. A good plan balances retail income, wholesale income, overrides and bonuses with rewards for duplication and training. Additionally ensure the start-up and maintenance costs are not prohibitive.

MYTH: You have to irate and alienate friends and family to even begin to get a network marketing business off the ground.

FACT: Network marketing is about networking. While it’s true, the money’s in your list, building your list isn’t about bugging your barber; it’s about building relationships and setting goals. Interest, credibility and a continuous pipeline all result from the disciplined building of good relationships.

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People don’t care what you’re selling until they know you care about them.

MYTH: Sponsors don’t really care. Once you sign up, you’re on your own.

FACT: Simply not true. While sponsors sometimes do abandon new distributors, you are never on your own. I want you to succeed! I want to help you succeed so every Saturday morning at 8a EST I host the Millionaire Mentorship Call. For two and a half years, my goal has been/is to provide entrepreneurs and marketers of every skill level the tools, motivation and encouragement they need to be what they want to be, do what they want to do and have what they want to have. There’s no cost to participate and I’d love to meet you there.

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