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Money grows on trees: got seeds?


No such thing as a money tree you say? But, of course, there is; while its roots, trunk and branches exist in the realm of the invisible, the fruit is manifest in every area of your life and the power of cultivation is in your hands alone.

What do I mean? There is a universal law of Value and Mutual Exchange that affects every area of your life; it is the stuff of the invisible part of our tree. How effectively you apply the law in your life is the seed. Abundance and prosperity are not solely defined financially, but as we’re discussing a money tree today, I’ll illustrate using the law using the Four Principals of Wealth.

The Earning Principle

Covers the exchange of value required to create sufficient income to meet your needs. In other words, before you can grow anything, you must be clear about where you are. One thing I’ve discovered that most of the very rich have in common is that they all keep a meticulous account of their money ~ how they make it and how they spend it. They have and live by a budget and they pay themselves first. If you don’t have a budget, make one and commit to live by it. And take the time to track your spending; you’ll likely be astounded by how many dollars are slipping through your fingers unnoticed.

The Spending Principle

Is primarily a matter of adjusting the way you look at releasing your money. Spending is finite and carries the connotation of loss; if you are spending your money, immediately is a good time to stop. Instead, put your money into circulation; this will allow both your expectation and your money to grow, because when something circulates it must return to its source multiplied. Ensure that every penny you expend is an investment in achieving your vision of your best you.

The Savings Principle

Whether you’re doing it or not, you know the principle of saving; if you’re like most of us, rainy days and retirement have been a perpetual theme for years. All that’s left to say on this issue is if you do not have a foundation, you cannot build a future.

The Investing Principle

Covers what to do with the surplus you have revealed in your life by applying the first three principle of wealth. There are many ways to invest in your dream. Increasing skill generally equates to increased cash flow; furthering your education is such an investment. Diverting a percentage of your surplus into eliminating interest-bearing debt is another. Investing requires commitment and consistency, and reaps great reward. In a study done during the writing of The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, several years ago when average interest rates were higher, I discovered that an investment of $100 monthly at 12% would yield $24,004 in 10 years and $349,496 in 30. Three hundred dollars a month invested at the same interest rate yields $1,048,488 in 30 years.

I know I’ve been a bit long-winded today, but I felt it important to share the basics of the Law of Value with you. If I’ve helped you, please take a minute to say so and if I’ve missed the mark, please tell me that too. Thanks for reading!


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