Book Outline

The Twelve Universal Laws of Success


  1. The Law of ThoughtYou become what you think about.
  2. The Law of Change: Change your life by changing your thoughts.
  3. The Law of Vision: What you see is what you get.
  4. The Law of Command: What you say is what you get.
  5. The Law of Human Magnetism: Attract the people you want to meet.
  6. The Law of Focus and Discipline: Keep your eye on the prize.
  7. The Law of ActionHow to do what must be done effectively.
  8. The Law of Value/Mutual Exchange: Invest your time, energy, and money wisely.
  9. The Law of Relationships: The power of being liked.
  10. The Law of Supply and Opportunity: There is always enough of what you need.
  11. The Law of Persistence and Results: Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
  12. The Law of Truth: The truth shall make you free.