About the Author

Dr. Herbert Harris

Dr. Herbert Harris

Herbert Harris is a retired attorney who has authored numerous books including:

  1. How To Make Money In Music: a highly popular guide book to the music industry published by Arco/Prentice Hall
  2. The Golden 12: Universal Rules For Achieving Success and The Twelve Universal Laws of Success: a clear and concise treatment of the fundamental principles of success published Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, Mexico, Romania and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Harris designed and taught Achievement Motivation, a personal skills development course that has been used to help achievers of all ages achieve success and help families get on track for employment and career improvement.

Herbert studied under Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter (Rev. Ike) and became the Director of the Science of Living Institute in New York City.

Presently Dr. Harris maintains a heavy interview schedule appearing on many national programs including: Montel Williams, Mike Pintek, the Mancow Muller Show, and Don Russell. He is a director of The LifeSkill Institute, Inc. and divides his time between business and leadership coaching, speaking engagements, conducting LifeSkills Seminars and promoting his books and tapes.

Herbert, a former National Marketing Director with NSA, is a much sought after Marketing and Wealth Building expert. Presently Herbert Harris is an Elite Distributor/Trainer with the LifeVantage corporation with over 34,000 affiliates in his organization.